Leak detection

Often thought public opinion that the resources of drinking water in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and/or in the region) are inexhaustible and there cannot be shortage of them. However, the truth is somewhat different. Sources of drinking water are unevenly distributed in space, making it so that certain areas have plenty of water, while other do not.

Through just one 5 mm diameter opening, at a pressure of 5 bar leaks 30 l/min of water, amount enough to adequately supply water to more than 330 people. Leak detection must be planned and based on measurements of hydraulic parameters and only that approach guarantees success.

There are different types of water losses and there are many different causes and factors that affect the amount of water lost from the water supply system. Without proper knowledge of the nature of water losses, it is impossible to determine an accurate and effective methodology for reducing them.

Therefore, the first goal in action to reduce water losses should be providing the best possible understanding of losses. The basic conclusions can be drawn from answering four simple questions:

  • Where (is water lost)?
  • How?
  • Why?
  • How much (losses cost water supply utility)?

Since financial situation in water supply utilities is on the verge of profitability and since projects for reducing water losses require a lot of time and due their high cost it Is crucial to prove how important the reduction of water losses is and benefits it will bring to water utilities and the whole community.