Water Loss Academy

Water utility companies in the region generally have old infrastructure, while at the same time they have to improve their operational efficiency and reduce the amount of non-revenue water. The Water Loss Academy will combine a theoretical and practical approach to address water loss issues.


Water Loss Academy is a project of the Water Loss ltd. consulting company from Sarajevo.  The commencement academy will open its doors with the three-day workshop organized by Water Loss ltd. in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina with the title:

Applied methods of water loss reduction in Western Balkan Region water supply systems.




The workshop will be held in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), from September 11th to September 13th 2018. The seminar will be held in two locations. Lectures will be held in Grand hotel (theory). The practical applications trainings will be held on Water Loss measurement and detection training ground.


Water supply companies in the Western Balkan region are mostly troubled by old infrastructure, while struggling with improving their operational efficiency and reduction of non-revenue water.

Water Loss Academy will unify the theoretical and practical approach to the issues of reducing the losses of water. During the workshop the participants will be trained in best and most efficient practices and approaches to the reduction of water losses applicable to the water supply systems in the region.

All Water Loss Academy participants, following the finalization of trainings, will be invited to join the portal the web site www.waterloss.com.ba, which will provide them with the opportunity to contact different consultants and professionals in the field, visit unique NRW knowledge base, download useful applications and continue their training in the field of non-revenue water reductions.

The academy will be held by Mr. Đevad Koldžo, NRW expert with extensive experience in the field of non-revenue water reduction, with other colleagues, experts in different fields.


The objective of Water Loss Academy is to provide its participants, using interactive approach, with best, simplest and most approachable methods to the reduction of non-revenue water in Western Balkans water-utility companies.

Keeping in mind that a problem of this kind cannot be resolved out of the comfort of the office, the organizers of the Academy have paid special attention to practical training. With that in mind the organizer, have created a practical trainings course for the operation of leak detection equipment on the unique training ground, developed by Water Loss ltd, where participants will be able to measure the values and detect leaks on different types of pipes.

Apart from the various equipment owned by the organizer, the participants are free to use and test their own equipment, with the assistance of the Water Loss ltd expert trainers.


The Water Loss Academy is intended for the following groups of water utility employees:

  • Decision makers in technical and commercial departments,
  • Engineers performing the water loss analysis,
  • Loss reduction team leaders,
  • Leak detection operators,
  • Representatives of water utility companies and unions,
  • All interested parties dealing with the issues of non-revenue water reduction.


Official languages of Water Loss Academy trainings are: Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Serbian.


Familiarization with the current methodologies of non-revenue water reduction, in both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Perfection of participants existing skills and abilities.

All successful applicants receive a following package:

  • Certificate of attendance and training for the use of measurement and lead detection equipment,
  • Software: CalcuLEAKator, with the “Academic” license,
  • Software: Database for leakage reporting
  • Software: RecalcuLEAKator, a simplified bottom-up approach water balance calculation tool,
  • Digital book: „Basics of water system management” authors: S. Špago, B. Vučijak, Đ. Koldžo i S. Midžić)

On the training grounds with the Water Loss ltd equipment and instructors, all participants will practice the detection of leaks on the pipes made of different materials. Participants are encouraged to provide their own equipment for leak detection, and use it on the training ground with the assistance of instructors.


Following tops will be addressed during workshops:

  • Defining the value and expecting time of occurrence of minimum night flow as a basis for determination the value of real losses,
  • Statistical analysis of collected hydraulic parameters,
  • Water Balance calculation using “bottom – Up” approach (based on results of hydraulic measurement) in accordance with IWA methodology.
  • Non-revenue water reduction methodology,
  • Regulation of pressure in water supply systems,
  • Methodologies for determination pipelines which should be replaced
  • Use of free GIS tools for the water system analysis,
  • Leak detection,
  • Illegal collection detection,
  • IWA i IBNet benchmarking NRW indicators,
  • NRW standard operating procedures,
  • Handeling and maintenance of assets, facilities and main components,
  • Use of CalcuLEAKator Plus, RecalcuLEAKator and Leak Report software tools
  • Measurement and leak detection exercises on the testing ground.


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