Consulting services

Often thought public opinion is that the resources of drinking water in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and/or in the region) are inexhaustible and there cannot be shortage of them. However, the truth is somewhat different. Sources of drinking water are unevenly distributed in space, making it so that certain areas have plenty of water, while other do not.

Apart from the problem of uneven distribution, man with his ignorant behaviour each day contributes the most to the worsening of situation.  Due to poor payment for their services, water companies generally do not have the staff or funds for regular maintenance of the system, while the local authorities buy social peace with the price of water. There is often an opinion of water as “people’s good” so the water supply should not be restricted or should not be paid for. And while this is true for water found in nature, like rivers and lakes, the same cannot be said for the water that is chemically treated, pumped through pipelines and then transported to the costumer. With this process, water becomes a product that is sold and should be paid for.

In this bad situation, a large number of water supply companies themselves  have fell into a some kind of lethargy and stopped doing jobs they can realistically do to improve the situation as much as possible. First of all, that means efficient measurement of water consummation and losses. Even water supply utilities that have the adequate equipment for this (usually received from various donations) have not yet taken adequate action, even though a number of consumers would have better and tidier water supply – which should be the goal of every water supply utility.

We provide the following types of services to our clients:

  • Analysis of water supply systems,
  • Own software for water balance analysis in accordance with the bottom-up methodology (with different types of licenses),
  • Measurements of hydraulic parameters,
  • Leak detection,
  • Reduction of commercial water losses,
  • Hydraulic modelling,
  • Education and training (Water Loss Academy)